A little bit about who I am and my background in the industry: 

My name is Leif Paulson, I am the owner, and creative director of all the content you see on this website. I have been enthralled with tabletop, board-games, card-games and miniature games for about 25 years. I’ve worked in the industry on and off since 2007. I’ve worked as a freelance artist (Evil Nerd INC.) and for companies such as Games Workshop, SCUF Gaming, and most recently as a game developer for CoolMiniOrNot. I helped bring games like Wrath of Kings, Rum and Bones and many more to market. For the last several years I have been slowly developing my own project. Outpost Bazaar is my personal product line being launched to market. My goal is to create a line of miniatures that compliment existing games and introduce the world of my unfolding universe. I am simultaneously writing an expansive set of rules and fiction for tabletop as well.

I hope you like what you see, it is my mission to produce some of the finest miniatures on the market for you. The pieces of terrain and artwork you see come from collaboration with a number of artists that I am eternally grateful to work with.

Outpost Bazaars backstory:

A long derelict military station slowly became a major trading marketplace. As the planet falls under no species jurisdiction it acts as a truly free marketplace. There are no official laws in place, however a series of traditions that have evolved over generations keep the peace. It’s a place that you can buy anything for the right price, and if you know where to look.